The secret of stickpacks? The ease of use. The elongated, foil or paper bags are the ideal packaging for small quantities of food products. They make it easy to dose sauces, dressings, spices, milk powder and sugar, among other things. A stickpack is a bag sealed on three or four sides, like a sachet, but much narrower. We pack food neatly, safely and hygienically in flexible stickpacks. We can package in an oxygen free environment to extend shelf life. The easy-to-use stickpacks from Japan have also conquered Europe. Discover it now!

The strengths of stickpacks

The packaging with strong properties ensures preservation of nutritional value, extension of shelf life and a reduced amount of waste. Its light weight reduces storage, distribution and transport costs and reduces waste. With flexible packaging, it is easy to vary in portion size and recycling method. Stick packs are incredibly convenient.

  • For food products in liquid, powder and granular form;
  • easy to open paper version;
  • film stickpacks available with a smart easy-opening system;
  • precise dosage, no waste of nutrients;
  • or fully printable; less use of materials compared to sachets;

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