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Spouted pouches

The Spouted pouch is an ideal packaging for both liquid and powdered products. This stand-up pouch with a handy screw cap can be opened and closed indefinitely. The unique model makes it a striking packaging that draws attention to your product and the round bottom keeps the packaging easily and stable in an upright position. Macropack offers you the possibility to pack your product in a spouted pouch which comes in different sizes. That means less material and good for the environment!

Advantages of spouted pouches

Many tin packaging and bottles are replaced by flexible packaging. The advantages are clear: less material, less transport, recycling, long shelf life. In short: spouted pouches are the future!

When you choose spouted pouches, there are many options. For example, we offer various laminates (materials), various models and sizes and various prints. The handy screw cap makes it easy to open and close the packages again.
Spouted pouches are an innovative and eye-catching packaging with excellent usage properties. In addition, the packaging scores very high when it comes to environmental friendliness. This could include lower storage, transport and energy costs. In addition, spouted pouches are made of fewer raw materials and are completely recyclable!


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