Do you want to effectively introduce your customers to a test sample of your new product? Sachets, or small bags, are simple, inexpensive portion, single-serve or promotional packaging for the distribution of small quantities of food. Sachets are bags sealed on three or four sides. Sachets are often added in smaller proportions to meals, for example, or are used for promotion purposes, in order to draw attention to your product.Minimal use of materials, optimal protection and a very professional appearance!

Macropack offers a few options for sachets and stickpacks:
– a text or code printed on the packaging
– sachets packed in an attractive box
– a notch for easy opening of the package
– a euroloch to hang your products on shelves

Why pack with sachets?

Packing in sachets is for us a tailor-made job. Besides size, the sachets can differ in material, which can of course be supplied with the desired printing. In addition, specific requirements for coding your sachet or making a notch in the sachet can be incorporated into the production process!


A sachet film can be used for many different applications, from ketchup bags, sweets and sugar bags in the food sector to cleaning wipes and lotions in the non-food sector. Packaging is a widely used means of distributing promotional packaging. A major advantage of this variant is that the content can be determined accurately. Therefore, maximum use can be made of the available surface area. A sachet is also very user-friendly and easy to open.


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